STEP AEROBICS – An easy way to lose weight

Hello friends, Step Aerobic is an easy way to help to reduce your weight . There is no need to join any Aerobic class. You can do these exercises at home. See aerobics images to get some idea for these exercises –

Your foot should be on the step. You need to be able to stabilize well when you are tipping on and also off.

The knees need to measure up over your ankles. You intend to ensure that knee stays over the ankle joint each time you boost.

You need to be comfortable enough where you will not endure stress with your back as well as your knees.

Maintain a straight pose as you boost and also down. Do not flex your back or hips onward.

Utilizing weights while you are pointing could cause injuries to your knees, shoulders and ankles joints. You are having weights is an added concern that could stress the joints. Let’s get ready to lose your weight at home . Please keep in mind use good quality of shoes. For more information watch this video .

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