Yoga Mudra- Types And It’s Benifits

The Mudras help to direct the energy flow coming to the finger tips back into the body. Mudra yogas are the most used when one is meditating or doing pranayama.

The nerves coming from different organs and tissues within the body, end at the hands and legs. Those ending at the hands are more significant because we actively use our hands all the time. By redirecting the energy to specific locations in the body, we can energize the organs or give it rest. This puts our mind in a fixed state of energy.

Significance of Five Elements-

Our universe has five elements. The fingers of the hands represent one element each.

  • The significance of the thumb is that it represents universal consciousness. It represents the element Fire.
  • The index finger represents individual consciousness. It represents the element Air.
  • The middle finger represents connection. It represents the element Space.
  • The ring finger represents the element the Earth.
  • The little finger represents the element Water.

Disease happens when these mudras are not balanced properly within our body. Remember, the mudras energize different organs and regions within our body.

Types of mudra-

1. Gyana Mudra-

The method of this mudra is to bring the tips of the thumb and the index finger together and keep them touching each other lightly. The other fingers remain opened and pointed outward.

The Gyana mudra is symbolic of knowledge; it helps improve the power of concentration and creativity.

2. Shani Mudra-

The method of this mudra is to bring the tips of thumb and the middle finger together. This makes the concentration come in direct contact with fire.

It is symbolic of discipline and patience. You create stability and extra strength to work.

3. Surya Ravi Mudra-

Open your palm fully and bend the ring finger to touch it to the tip of thumb.

This gives energy, health, and an improved sense of balance. If we do this, a positive change comes into our life.

4. Buddhi Mudra-

The method of this mudra is to bring the tips of thumb and the little finger together. This is the Buddhi mudra.

It improves your intuitive communication. Fire and water come together to enhance knowledge and openness.

5. Prana Mudra-

In the Prana Mudra, you touch the little finger, the ring finger and the thumb.

This mudra awakens the dormant energy in your body. You encourage the vital energy to flow through your body. You get become strong and energized.

6. Dhyana Mudra-

Place the palm of right hand within the palm of left hand and touch the thumbs together. This is the Dhyana Mudra.

This helps deep meditation.

7. Anjali Mudra-

Bring the palms together face to face over your heart space. This signifies respect to yourself and towards the universe. It expresses love and gratitude. The general name for this is Namaste.

You should use these mudras when you do your asanas or when you meditate. There is no hard fast rule about which you should use. You must choose the one you think is right at the time. Use both hands and breathe deeply when you use the mudra. Keep the mudra on for at least 2-3 minutes.