Warming Up Your Body Before Start Any Fitness Routine

What is the difference between warming up and not warming up? Well it’s pretty much like the difference between cooked and uncooked noodles. One is quite flexible and other is not so much.

The bottom line of your body works better when it’s warmed up. Like noodles, it bends better when it’s warm. A car works better when it’s warmed up, too. It operates best when you let the engine run a bit before driving it. Think about it.


  • Enhances Your Performance

Just as a warm-up race car has a much better shot at winning, when your body is warmed up you will perform better, too.

Not only will your body be more prepared, but your mindset will be as well.

  • Increase blood circulation

Did you know most of the capillaries (small blood vessels) within your muscles are closed until you begin to exercise? As you warm-up your blood circulation increase and they open up.

Since blood transports oxygen which fuels your muscles, it just make sense you will do better all the way around when you warm up before a performance, workout, or competition.

  • Heats up Body Temperature

As your blood begins to flow,your muscles start to get warmer,literally. This causes the haemoglobin in your blood to put out more oxygen. Providing more oxygen to your muscles is likely adding fuel to a fire which helps you blaze through your performance.

Not only does a warmer body temperature get your blood flowing and oxygen pumping, it also causes your muscles contract and relax faster

  • Helps prevent injuries

If you start your workout such as fast running, gymnastics and dance without warming up your body, you may get injured. Your muscles may get stressed and you may feel pain for next few days. So warming up your body before you start, it helps to prevent injuries.

  • Increase flexibility

Warming up exercise helps to increase flexibility. More you stretch your body, more your body becomes flexible. You must do stretching exercise for warming up you body before and after your hard session. Your muscles will become more flexible. Flexibility will increase your performance and it also helps to reduce the risk of injuries.

Remember, the definition of the flexibility is to bend but not break which is certainly the object of the game.

So my dear friends, it is mandatory to warm up your body before you start any Fitness routine.

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