It’s All in The Mind- A Short Motivational Story

There was a boy who was born with a severe physical disability One of his legs was so weak, that he had to have a brace on it. At first, he was not at all bothered by this handicap. But when he started going to school, he became dejected. He could not run; he could not climb trees; he could not play games like all the other boys.

Sensing his depression, his father decided to take the boy to a famous temple in a distant town. It was said that when people prayed at the temple, miracles happened to them. It was also said that the handicapped people who went there, could throw away their braces and crutches and walk freely. They were healed completely.

Father and son set out on a pilgrimage to the temple. They entered the shrine, and offered fervent prayers for the boy’s leg to be healed. Suddenly, the boy sensed a wonderful feeling of warmth within his heart. He felt that he had been truly healed. He opened his eyes and rose to his feet. He glanced at his leg – but it was as withered as ever.

“It’s no use being here,” he said to his father. “Let us go. God has not heard our prayer.”

As he neared the temple gates, he had a wonderful sensation. He felt as if a great hand passed over him, and he cried out, “Father, Father! You were right! I am healed! I am healed!”

Startled, the father looked at his leg – and saw no sign of healing. The brace was very much in place.

“Father, God has not taken away the brace on my leg,” the son explained. “But He has taken away the brace on my mind! I no longer feel handicapped. I no longer feel an inferiority complex.”