Smoking Addiction – Say No with Strong Willpower

When we came into this world, there were empty hands. There was no burden on the mind in childhood, no complaints from the child. There was lightness in life, it seemed that spreading hands would flutter slightly with feathers, fly away.

Gradually began to grow in the burden … and also of mind. As all the conflicts, responsibilities, problems, challenges and anxiety increases, heart-brains became overwhelming. But live, and smiles too. In this way everyone took their own ways to calm their minds.

Someone chose the path of meditation, yoga and other exercise to calm his mind, but such people were very few. Someone wanted to throw every worry in the smoke, but was it really frozen in every bit of smoke? Did not one more burden on the mind come? Quite a sense of harm to your own body?

Is it really difficult to quit smoking habita?It’s difficult, but not impossible. You must have seen many people around you, who have overcome their addiction with the help of the will. There are many instances where those people have left their habit of smoking which could not stay without it for a while. Why do not you when they can?

Make a list of benifits of quiting smoking:

First of all, you have to come out of the heart that you can not quit this habit. There is no such bad habit in the world that you can not leave.

After this, the second step is settling your mind. Make sure that you will do this. Then start exploring the path. Get advice from those who have completely overcome their addiction. Talk to your family and close friends about what they think about your habit and why do you want to look away from this? Make a list of what benefits you will get from quitting smoking and what to do to stop them. Keep it with you.

Why Others Make ill

When you focus on the benefits of quitting smoking, you will also seriously consider how smoking affects the health of the people around you. You must have heard about second hand smoking and also know how dangerous it is?

You are responsible for your own loss, but the person next to you is harming your health without any mistake. Due to being with you, your family is paying a heavy price. If you talk about mental impact, think about yourself or your children. What will they be learning? Their soft lungs may have been affected, and they may have an impact on their mind too.

Why do we smoke, only because of our bad habit? Think about your family who want you to leave this bad habit. If you really want to quit smoking then make a firm determination and leave smoking for your children, friends and family from today.

Thank you for reading….