What is HIIT? How can I start a HIIT program?

What is HIIT?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the best combination of physical workouts that consists short, quick and intense bursts of exercise with short recovery intervals.

HIIT is also known as HIIE(High Intensity Intermittent Exercise).

HIIT is a specific type of intense workout that is performed with nearly 100% effort and 60-65% of maximum effort as recovery. Recovery interval is also a fat burning stage. HIIT training is completed in 20-30 min depends on the intensity of workout.

Benifits of HIIT:

High intensity training program uses all muscles of your body. It gives strength to your complete body and reduces your body weight. Other benifits are increase metabolism, increase body balance, improves heart health, improve aerobic ability, reduces blood sugar levels, and increase endurance level. It is quick and faster.

How can you start a HIIT programe?

If you are beginner and don’t know ‘how to start a high intensity programe’. No matter ,you are old or young. Don’t worry about this because HIIT dont have any hard and fast rule. It is not mandatory to join any zym, to have any fitness equipment to start HIIT workouts.

HIIT consists different and various types of intense exercise. Even you can develop your new HIIT workout but only one thing,you keep in your mind that is the workout you choose must be done with quick and high intensity in short period of intervals. And your effort should be nearly 100% to perform your intense workout.

HIIT workouts for Beginners:

1. Running with push-up intervals:

If you are beginner, you can start your HIIT workout with running followed by push-up intervals. Before any HIIT workout ,you must warm-up your body. Your running speed should be moderate intensity. Take a 10- 15 pushup short interval in between your running phase. It requires your maximum effort in your running phase and 60-70% effort in push-up phase. It is a complete body workout with high intensity.

If you are not capable to perform it with push-up, you can do it with fast walking interval or other jumping exercise. This HIIT workout improves your aerobic capability.

2. Quick Push ups with skipping:

This HIIT workout is also suitable for those who are thinking to start intense workout. It consists quick push-ups with a short skipping interval. You can perform it anywhere. This type of HIIT workout don’t require any specific equipment except only skipping rope.

3. Cycling:

Cycle is the most common exercise but when you think about HIIT, the way of doing cycling is also changed. For intense workout , you have to do fast and quick cycling with high intensity followed by short and slow speed intervals. This HIIT  with cycle helps you to reduce your weight rapidly.

4. Dancing:

Dancing like zumba is also a complete body workout with lots of fun. If you include dancing in HIIT, the way of dancing will be change. For intense workout , you have to do quick and fast dancing with short and slow dancing intervals. The benifit of Dancing HIIT is- you will not get bore. And you will increase your body balance.

In all HIIT training workout, the intense phase of workout is performed at 80-90% of  a person estimated heart rate and the recovery period should last, when the person estimated heart rate comes down at 40-50%.

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