Update Your New Body weight loss Version in Body19.4 in summer

Hello Friends, The topic Body19.4 is very interesting to understand. It means the new version for your body in the summer starting from month of april. We can call it weight loss version of your body.

In summer, it is very easy to burn your extra fat by doing some following exercises because sweat comes more in hot weather.

  • Warming up
  • Running /walking
  • Push ups
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Warming up

Before starting running, we need to warm up our body in summer also. There is a less requirement to warm up in hot days. But we must warm up by doing easy exercises like breathing exercise, stretching etc. Stop it when your body is ready to run.

  • Running

Running is the most crucial exercise to burn your body fat. It helps to upgrade your body version. If you warmed up your body properly, you can run easily. If not, you have to run with walking. The main purpose is to sweat out your body. If you can’t run for long then stop and start walking for 2 min. Again run, repeat this as you can.

  • Push ups

After running, you need to breath for 10 min to relax. Now you start doing push ups. You should do push ups in 3 -sets. You will do 15 push ups in each set. It will tone your muscles and give strength also. This push ups exercise will help you to update your weight loss version of your body.

  • Stretching Exercise

After sweating out of your body, you must stretch you body. It helps to prevent injuries and gives flexibility to your body. It increases your limits and gives you more energy.

  • Yoga

After doing intense exercise, you must do yoga exercise for relaxing. Do the breathing exercises in yoga. It will help to restore your energy and make you more positive.

By repeating these exercises for each day, you give a new look to your body. It can say that your body will upgrade into a new version.

Get ready to update your body version in summer.

Thank you for reading.

Are You Following The Proper Running Forms?

Hello friends, before you get into your any running plan, let’s quickly go over proper Running Forms. There are many areas of focus to think about in terms of running from, I like to think about them from my head down to my toes in sort of a check list fashion.


  • Head: Chin up, eyes at the horizon. Not looking at the sky, not looking at the ground, which can restrict your breathing.
  • Shoulders: Pretend like you are standing against a wall and you are pushing your shoulders back against the wall. Letting them shrug forward can cause cramps in your shoulders muscles.
  • Chest: Push your chest out slightly in front of you and stand tall. This also helps you to not shrug forward in the shoulders.
  • Arms: Bent at about 90 degree, swaying forward and backward gently but not so much that you are twisting your upper body. Use only forward and backward motion, no sideways twisting movement that will throw you off balance and restrict your momentum.
  • Hands: Hands should be cupped gently, but not squeeze to create tension. Pretend like you are holding an egg and you don’t want to crush it.
  • Legs: Knees should bend slightly and legs should simply go on in front of the other. Never lock your knees.
  • Feet: You should aim to land mid foot or closer to the balls of your feet if that feels comfortable. Some runner use a ‘heel strike’ but this can possibly lead to injuries.
  • Body Lean: It is OK to lean your body slightly forward, just a few degrees but you never want to lean too far forward. This is especially true on hills. Never lean in to the hill as it ruins your posture, always keep your running form standing tall.
  • Overall: If you use most of the tips above, even simply standing, you will notice it is a lot like having proper posture. Mid-run, I go through this list periodically to re-correct my form. Inevitably as your body gets tired, the slumping can become a problem, so always remind yourself to improve your posture. It sounds silly, but I sometimes think about meeting an important person like the President, and think about how I would stand with them in the room. Having this proper ‘running posture’ will help you avoid injuries and even improve your speed and reduce fatigue.