NATALIA KUZNETSOVA – A Slim Thin Girl Became Bodybuilder

Natalia Kuznetsova, Weight-Lifter, Russia

When Natalia was 14 years old then she was thin and weighing 40 kilograms. She started weight-lifting by changing the diet to gain weight. After some time her body changed. She is also known as Lady Hulk. Recently, she joined the FIBO (Germany), the world’s largest fitness show. She is 27 years old now. See images of Nataliya Kuznetsova

World’s Haviest Female Lifter

Natalia Kuznetsova inspires women to fitness. She is also the world’s haviest weight-lifter. In normal days, weighs 114 kilograms and 90 kilograms during the competition, their biceps are 20 inches and thai is more than 30 inches. Her name has many records.

Regular four-five zyming hours

Nataliya Kuznetsova do gyming for about four to five hours a day. Her name is a record of taking squads (280 kg), bench press (175 kg) and dead lift (240 kg). Her diet contains carbohydrate products made from wheat, like rice. For protein, she also consumes protein powder with regular diet.

Over 500,000 followers on social media

Natalia is famous as the Musals Godess on social media. There are more than 5 lakhs followers on social media, including 4.3 lakhs on Instagram. Negative comments are also given to the social media about their body fitness, but she do not pay attention.