Are You Really Weak? – Absolute Awareness

In fact, you are not. You do have that strength but you do not use it. So, go for it, use it and break the greatest obstacles.

The Absolute Awareness State is here. Already reached the peak of the mountain after so much effort and now it is time to rest.

When the physical body has rested for the amount of time needed, then it is time to descend. One cannot stay there any longer.

It is not that easy because the state of the physical body is so blissful. It does not want to descend. It wants only to remain at the peak and stay like that but it is not possible.

The physical body is still alive and the journey is a successful one. This physical body has succeeded in finding its root.

Now, it is time for it to continue on living and it cannot live at the peak. This is because in this world one cannot live in this State only. It has to come down again and live life as it has to be lived.

So, to descend from that Absolute Awareness State is not that easy. It has taken months and even more than a year to be settled again in this modern world.