YOGAASANA helps in Digestive Discomfort

Due to lifestyle and eating disorders, digestive problems are caused. The problem of constipation is also related to this. Trouble taking sleep, stress, junk food, and drinking less water also cause problems. These are following yoga exercises to helps in digestion.


  • Sit straight on your folded legs.
  • Raise your hands vertically so that Your hands should touch your ears.
  • Bend your upper body forward as your head and your palm should touch ground.
  • Hold this for 10-15 seconds and repeat it at least 3-4 times.


  • Sit straight with your legs straight forward.
  • Fold your right leg with your left leg straight.
  • Hold the ankle of right leg with your left hand
  • Place your right hand behind your back and turn your head towards right shoulder.


  • Lie down on your belly with your leg straight.
  • Fold your both legs and raise your head with shoulder.
  • Hold your both ankles with your both hands.
  • Try to stretch your legs and raise your chest up as your naval should touch the ground.


  • Sit on ground with your legs straight.
  • Fold your left leg as your heal should touch your right hip.
  • Place your right foot near left knee.
  • Hold your right ankle with your left hand.
  • Place your right hand on ground behind your back.
  • Turn your head towards right shoulder. Repeat this with other side.


  • Lie down on your back with your hand straight.
  • Raise your legs respectively 30, 60 and 90 degree.
  • Press the ground with your hands and bring your legs behind your head as your feet should touch the ground.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and repeat this 3 times.


Patients of high-blood pressure, sliped disc do not perform these yogaasana. Pregnant ladies can do in the presence of yoga expert.

Thank you for reading…