Avoid Caffeine After 4 pm

Do you have a habit of drinking coffee or tea? Well most people have this habit and if they were asked to stop it for sure lot of them would refuse it. However, there is a direct relationship between the sleep and the caffeine which is a natural substance. It promotes alertness and keeps you away from sleepiness. That’s why people use to take coffee, tea or cocoa if they want to be awake. Therefore, if you need to have these types of drink it is better to be alert with following things.

  • Try to limit daily consumption of the caffeine for three to four cups
  • Ladies who are pregnant better not to consume the caffeine at all since it affects to sleep even more than other people to them.
  • Also parents have to be alert about the amount of caffeine that their children drink.
  • People with high blood pressure also should not drink much caffeine
  • Try to avoid drinking caffeine in the late afternoon and the evening. It will not be easy….. But try to reduce it step by step for the sake of good sleep in the night.
  • Do not drink powdered pure caffeine.