You Must Switch Off All Electronics Devices Before SLEEP

As living persons in the twenty first century no wonder we need to live with our electronic devices, phones, TVs, radios, laptops and other electronics devices. We should live with them. But do you know there is direct scientific relationship between the sleep and the blue light of the electronic devices. The light sensitive part of our eye is called retina and the cells that are specialized for this purpose is called Photoreceptors. Those Photoreceptors sense the day and night cycle of the outside world and giving signal to the brain about it. This helps us to awake in the day time and to fall asleep in the night.

The studies had shown that the blue lights that is generated from various electronic devices disturbs this sleep cycle. According to that the artificial light not only promotes your wakefulness, but also day time alertness since it affects both quantity and the quality of the sleep.

In addition, researchers show that the time that spent in front of the TV, Laptop or any other electronic devices before two hours to the sleep has direct impact with the quality and the quantity of the sleep. Also, when you use more than one device it becomes worst.

However, we can’t live without these today… Can we……? Therefore, there are few things you can follow if you are addicted to use these devices before sleep.

  • Set electronic free time before bed. Make yourself free from electronic devices at least before 30 minutes to go to bed. That will help to make your eye relaxed as well as reduce the brainstorming that had in your mind while browsing through the internet & sending the mail.
  • Make your bed electronic free zone You might say……. What? Are you mad…….? Did your parents live with these devices in their childhood……? Nope…. Then why can’t we……? At least for a night for the sake of good night sleep. That will prevent your wakening in the night from the light of these devices.
  • Just switch it off According to the researches there are many people who want to see their mails even at the night. Well the worlds will not be going to end if you don’t read one mail and sure it can wait few more hours until you wake. So…… just…… keep it ……switched……. Off…. This will help you to recharge yourself to next day.

It is not enough switching off your electronics devises also it is important to switch off you day job.

Thank you for reading.