Body Posture- Instant Alignment Techniques

Follow these primary alignment steps as a routine:

  • Toes In, Heels Out –

Stand with the outer edges of your feet parallel to each other.

  • Knees Unlocked

Keep your knees soft and do not push them behind.

  • Hip Clench

Bring a gentle tone to your hips by squeezing them mildly.

  • Navel In

Pull in the abdomen gently and push the lower back slightly behind.

  • Shoulders Down –

Lower the shoulders as you slightly hinge them backwards.

  • Head Glide

Retract the head to keep the chin parallel to the ground.

Developing the habit of properly aligning the body takes times. It is a prerogative and adhering to its principles is the best thing one can do for the self. ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Learning to hold the aligned position for some time, each time, will unfold a success story. Slowly, but surely, correct alignments will turn into a habit. Take short creative breaks between these alignment cycles; soon the inner muscle memory will take over as the examiner and the results will be astounding.