Free Your Mind Before Bed

For better sleep, it is important to free your mind from stress. There are some effective tips that can be used to have stress free before bed:

  • Avoid any serious discussion or decision making two-three hours before sleep.
  • You can do little breathing exercise. Block your right nostril with the right thumb and have some deep breath from your left nostril. Do this exercise for 25 to 30 times that gives your body and mind relaxation.
  • Let any thought you had in the day go and make yourself comfortable on the bed. Switch your mind away from day troubles by reading a relaxing book or listening to music you like. Do any other activity that will make your mind cool and enhance your sleep.
  • You can have a bath in the evening that make your body and mind relax.

Stretch Your Body And Your Mind

For a positive and cheerful outlook at work, remember to be kind to the neck and the spine. Encourage the movements they are designed for. This may keep even the Monday morning blues at bay. Sometimes a grumpy, irritable, frowning attitude may be due to low-intensity discomfort in the neck region.

  • It is recommended that you take a five minute break every hour or so.
  • A variety of exercises have been described here to address various problems that people generally have. You can pick the ones you need for your specific issue.
  • You can set up a routine where you do a few different ones at each break, without letting the number of exercises overwhelm you. Do whatever and how much ever you can and reap the benefits.
  • For each exercise, hold the posture at its final position for ten seconds. Release and repeat each exercise ten times. This way, you can pick three exercises for each five-minute break.
  • Breathe mindfully when you maintain a pose. Do not hold your breath at any time.