Cooling Down (Warm Out) After your Workouts

Your workout is not complete without a warm out. In fact, it is as important as the actual workout and the warm-up.

After an intense workout, your muscles are tired and sore; they need to be cooled down.

Why is this important?

Cooling down helps reduce the level of lactic acid that build up during the exercise thus reducing cases of muscle cramping and stiffness.

Warm out or cooling down is also vital in helping you to gradually recover from post-exercise blood pressure and heart rate.

After the exercise, your body is burning with high temperature, increased heart beat and your blood vessels become dilated.

So if you stop abruptly, it could result in a pass out or extreme fatigue. Doing a physical activity that stretches your body at the end of the exercise gradually brings you to normal condition.

Just like warm-up, cooling down also involves continuing with the workouts but with reduced intensity and pace. It could be the last 10 minutes of your workout. Some of the cooling down activities include:

  • Walking for 5 – 10 minutes after intense activities such as running, squats.

  • Stretching your body for 1 – 2 minutes especially on body parts that were actively engaged during the workout. Stretching reduces the tension after exercise. It also stabilizes blood circulation and enhances healing of break down muscles.

  • Hydrate:

  • The weight that you immediately loose after a workout is normally water. Apart from replenishing lost weight, drinking water improves body strength and flexibility. It also reduces cases of muscle soreness.
  • Massage:

  • There is no unanimous agreement on this but some research shows that massage after an intense workout can improve muscle recovery.

Stretch Your Body And Your Mind

For a positive and cheerful outlook at work, remember to be kind to the neck and the spine. Encourage the movements they are designed for. This may keep even the Monday morning blues at bay. Sometimes a grumpy, irritable, frowning attitude may be due to low-intensity discomfort in the neck region.

  • It is recommended that you take a five minute break every hour or so.
  • A variety of exercises have been described here to address various problems that people generally have. You can pick the ones you need for your specific issue.
  • You can set up a routine where you do a few different ones at each break, without letting the number of exercises overwhelm you. Do whatever and how much ever you can and reap the benefits.
  • For each exercise, hold the posture at its final position for ten seconds. Release and repeat each exercise ten times. This way, you can pick three exercises for each five-minute break.
  • Breathe mindfully when you maintain a pose. Do not hold your breath at any time.

Update Your New Body weight loss Version in Body19.4 in summer

Hello Friends, The topic Body19.4 is very interesting to understand. It means the new version for your body in the summer starting from month of april. We can call it weight loss version of your body.

In summer, it is very easy to burn your extra fat by doing some following exercises because sweat comes more in hot weather.

  • Warming up
  • Running /walking
  • Push ups
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Warming up

Before starting running, we need to warm up our body in summer also. There is a less requirement to warm up in hot days. But we must warm up by doing easy exercises like breathing exercise, stretching etc. Stop it when your body is ready to run.

  • Running

Running is the most crucial exercise to burn your body fat. It helps to upgrade your body version. If you warmed up your body properly, you can run easily. If not, you have to run with walking. The main purpose is to sweat out your body. If you can’t run for long then stop and start walking for 2 min. Again run, repeat this as you can.

  • Push ups

After running, you need to breath for 10 min to relax. Now you start doing push ups. You should do push ups in 3 -sets. You will do 15 push ups in each set. It will tone your muscles and give strength also. This push ups exercise will help you to update your weight loss version of your body.

  • Stretching Exercise

After sweating out of your body, you must stretch you body. It helps to prevent injuries and gives flexibility to your body. It increases your limits and gives you more energy.

  • Yoga

After doing intense exercise, you must do yoga exercise for relaxing. Do the breathing exercises in yoga. It will help to restore your energy and make you more positive.

By repeating these exercises for each day, you give a new look to your body. It can say that your body will upgrade into a new version.

Get ready to update your body version in summer.

Thank you for reading.