Don’t Think That Success Is Equal To Rich

What you mean by the word ‘success’. If you mean ‘to have lots of money’ then that is fine, but if you are not clear about this then you will not know if you have achieved your goals. Likewise, you may realize that you are successful according to many definitions of success, but that this is not what you wanted. This illustrates the inalienable fact that most successful people are dynamic and restless, reaching a goal and then moving onto the next one. This is illustrated by an article by Business Insider on what are called the ‘pajama rich’, a group of people so rich that they can go to a five star restaurant in their pajamas and still be served. These people have an extraordinary propensity for depression, according to all of the evidence. As one journalist writing about the super rich put it, “when money is available in near-limitless quantities, the victim sinks into a kind of inertia.” This shows that you need to clearly define what you mean by success, and know that it is never completely achieved. Even if you gain a huge amount of success, more than anyone could even imagine, you need to continue setting yourself goals, and continuing to progress. As success guru Tony Robbins puts it, ‘Motion Creates Emotion’: you need to keep moving in order grow. This is the key to success.