Draw Your Thoughts

Before we invented language, we communicated and thought in images. But for many centuries, words have been our primary way to communicate. And that’s why we also think in words. When I think, I talk to myself. And when I take notes, I also talk to myself.

“Create a chapter about drawing your thoughts,” is what I wrote in my notebook when I came up with the idea for this chapter. I find that fascinating. One of the best-known thinkers of all time, thought visually.

Now, we don’t have to become this great at drawing, but I think we can still learn something. Drawing frees your mind from the constant verbalization. I started drawing the images for my blog posts over a year ago. My drawing skills haven’t improved, but my articles have. And one of the reasons is that I take time to think about how I can visually share my idea. I want readers to immediately “get” what I’m trying to share in the article by looking at my drawings.

That’s why I think a lot about visualizing an idea. Sometimes I draw a graph, sometimes I emphasize a sentence or word, and I even make simple cartoons. After I make the drawing, I often edit my article to make my idea clearer. And some articles even start with a drawing.